Achievers News Bureau, June 26/20:- The Covid-19 pandemic is first and foremost a health crisis that threatens millions of people. It is swamping the country’s health systems.

                Everything begins with understanding the nature and likely impact of these three crises. We must also be willing to learn from past lessons and be ready to innovate and put the country on a credible path of recovery and resilience.

                Of course, we can’t blame the government for the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a global phenomenon. However, could India have had a better policy response ? For a month and a half after the first Covid-19 case in India. US President Donald Trump’s visit and the Delhi riots distracted the country. Putting on a show for Trump became a priority. The pandemic was not a priority. The riots are a result of politics that, frankly, is undermining India’s economic and national security.

                All three crises-health, economic, and national security-could do lasting damage. For example, the economy may not be able to recover to its pre-Covid-19 trajectory for years. In the US, there are fears that the economy may take a decade to recover from the pandemic and related lockdowns. Mind you, the lockdowns in the US were nowhere close to the stringent lockdowns in India. On the national security front too, India’s confrontation with China could have serious implications. Friend and foe alike are taking notice of China’s aggressive use of PM Modi’s statements as a propaganda tool against India.

                Finally, it is important for the country to have social inclusion and cohesion. Instead of targeting opposition voices, journalists and dissenters, the government must strengthen democratic institution. Only a united India, unequivocally wedded to the Constitution’s values, can navigate this perfect storm. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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