New Delhi, achivers News, 18.06.2020- Medical cre has been disrupted by the novel coronavirus. Fere, anxiety, uncertainty and confusion have all overtaken clinical services. There is a need to pull together the resources of the public and private sectors into a functioning partnership, to provide good clinical care, ameliorate suffering and prevent deaths.

The majority of COVID-19 infections are mild and resolve on their own. Serious illnesss occurs in the wlderly and those with multiple comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease and respimary cause of death in COVID-19 pneumonia is respiratory failure.

The mainstay of treastment in moderate and severe illness is clinical monitoring, oxygen therapy to correct hypoxemia (low oxygen levels in the blood), and good supportive care. Even in those above the age of 80 years, the mortality rate is only 15% patients who require ventilator treatment have a mortality rate of over 50% Good supportive care for sick patients who require ventilor treatment have a mortality rate of over 50% Good supportive care for sick patients is essential in preventing deaths.

For this to happen, the government must work with the private sector to make care accessibl and affordable. Towards this we suggest that: all private hospitals which have the potential, should take care of COVID-19. They should be given requisite incentives and subsidies to that end; every patient should beable to access medical care for COVID-19 form a private or public hospital: only patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 patients who have potentially reversible illness; confidentialityof the patient shold be protected; the government should support the basic cost of COVID-19 care in private hospitals as well; city hospitals should pool their ICU resources for the care of COVID-19 pneumonia; staff providing COVID-19 care, should receive adequate training and be provided appropriate PPF, and, finally families of staff who die due to COVID-19 should receive appropriate compensation.


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