Achievers News Bureau, June 29/20:-  The news media is subjected to an unprecedented stain, it is fair to expect governments not to add new burdens. In his insightful essay in Foreign Policy, Jeffrey Smith and Nic Cheeseman said authoritarians are exploiting the crisis we’re in, and democracies must not follow suit. They wrote: : “ The seemingly endless cascade of dire headlines has overwhelmed citizens globally, triggering inherent survival mechanisms and leading people to focus on the health and safety of those closest to us. Into the void created by this uncertainty- in which fear has often trumped reason-stride the world’s authoritarian leaders.” Governments across the word are using the pandemic to undermine free media.

                At a time when the media industry bis vulnerable, there seems to be a method behind the government’s moves to weaken the media. The media provides credible news and offers space for multiple views and ideas, but the powers that be want to creat and push a singular narrative. They want their tall claims and spurious achievements to be presented as the gospel truth. There is a systematic attack against the act of verification.

                The attack is multi-pronged. While the state comes up with FIRs, a powerful, omnipresent troll army indulges in character assassination. Former Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran, in his lead article titled “The myopia Of 20/20 hindsight” (June26,2020), expressed his utmost sadness at the fact that foreign policy, too, has fallen victim to very narrow and cynical jousting in domestic politics.


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