Achievers News Bureau, July 17/20:- The first is the capacity to anticipate events and tendencies, map their future in the short, mid, and long term, and act accordingly. We can, of course, go wrong, and so there is always an element of risk in making decisions On the basis of the exercise of such anticipatory gifts that we possess. Nevertheless, to a considerable extent, such exercises are a great potential asset.

Yet no one did. Why? The answer is quite obvious. There is no quick-profit in public health issues ‘ of this preventive kind. If one tenth of the anticipatory gifts we have that seem to be exploited for immediate private gain on the part of corporations and investment bankers were put to use in the preventive domain of public health, not only would the crisis that we have been landed in be swiftly contained, it might even have been pre-empted by suitable medical safeguards.

So, human dispositions can be directed in all sorts ‘of ways by the economic and political institutions we construct and entrench. But, equally, if it is we who construct and entrench these institutions, it is we who can dismantle (or remantle) them. Perhaps the one clear lesson of the current pandemic and our utter failure to act on the anticipatory knowledgeable that had been posted far and wide by knowledgeable people’ is that no re-mantling short: of the public ownership of health care and ,pharmaceuticals will suffice.

Effectively Controlling the spread of a pandemic is one of the many reasons we would and should consider for proposing a good public health care system, and 2) Were there a good public, health care system, it would effectively control the spread of a pandemic. You can believe in 2) Without believing in 1) But given the highly detailed warnings that were given by scientists after SARS of its anticipated offshoots that would be both highly contagious and lethal (a combination of properties that was not standardly true of the influenzas and other viruses of the last many years) and the urgent need to prepare for it -again with highly detailed suggestions about the development of cluster vaccines, production and distribution of medications, hospital equipment such as respirators, accessories such as masks, etc. the distinction between ‘ 1) and 2) is academic and arcane.

Those who did not consider the need to control the spread of an anticipated pandemic as one among the other good reasons to have a good public health care system where it is missing were simply insouciant.

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