Malaika shows how to wear a mask.

Achievers News Bureau: (30/07):- Malaika Arora just showed us how to wear a face mask correctly at a time the safety equipment has become the new ‘normal’ amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a picture the Chhaiya Chhaiya star posted on Instagram, she shows how to place the mask such that it covers from the nose up to the chin. Make sure the nose does not remain exposed. Nor should you pull it down to your chin. “Please wear a mask and wear it the correct way. Protect urself and others,” Malaika wrote on Instagram.

If you want your plants to last the monsoon months: Here is some tips

Achievers News Bureau: (30/07):- The monsoons are here, which means you have to exercise some caution with regards to your health and of those around you. Additionally, you also must take care of your house and ensure that it does not become a breeding space for mosquitoes. Plant lovers and those who have a home garden would know that caring for plants becomes a task in monsoon. Gardening enthusiasts will vouch for the fact that it important to mix the top soil every now and then, because if it is…

Face masks, sandals, athleisure, are top fashion trends amid COVID-19,

Achievers News Bureau: (30/07):- With the coronavirus pandemic affecting consumers’behaviour and purchasing pathways, new fashion trends are now emerging across the world. Global fashion search platform Lyst analysed the shopping behaviours of more than nine million people per month over a three-month period from April to June. According to the 2020 Lyst Index report, athleisure, sandals and face masks are becoming the most popular fashion choices now.