Black Fungus Now Spotted In Covid Patients In Odisha

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AchieversNews(10/5/2021): The fatal Black Fungus disease also known as Mucormycosis has now also been reported from patients in the State Capital city of Odisha.

The Central government on Sunday released an advisory for screening, diagnosis and management of the serious infection that is being widely reported among COVID-19 survivors in the country.

As per the Union Health Ministry, Black Fungus has been seen mainly affecting people with suppressed immunity or who are on medication which further reduces the ability of the patient from fighting environmental pathogens.

Co-morbid people especially those suffering from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Renal issues and Heart ailments are more prone to this disease. Excessive use of steroids is also believed to be a triggering factor for this disease, say experts.

Health experts say that early detection of the disease will help cure the patients. Strict monitoring of sugar levels, rational use of steroids and proper planning of other medication in co-morbid patients will help in a long way in ensuring prevention of this disease, says Radhamadhav Sahu, ENT and Skull Base Surgeon, SUM Ultimate.

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